About Me

Hello, my name is Brian Julian, and this is my site where I think about stuff. My hope is that my thinking might be helpful as you do your own. If you are reading this site, there are two facts about me that are most relevant.

First, I have a Ph.D. in philosophy.

This explains why you will find so much philosophy on this site. I find philosophy stimulating and helpful (sometimes) in thinking about life. I was introduced to philosophy in high school but really came to be interested in it at the liberal arts college I attended, Gutenberg College. There I read a number of philosophers from throughout western history, and I got to discuss them with my fellow students. I have been an adjunct teacher at Boston College and in Boston University’s Metropolitan College, and now I have the privilege of teaching at Gutenberg. I like teaching, because it means I can continue discussing philosophy with my students.

Second, I am a Christian.

This explains why you will find discussions of what the Bible says on this site, and why I will often be arguing for its perspective (when I think I understand what that is). I grew up in a Christian home, but I didn’t really come to embrace Christianity for myself until after college. My decision to commit myself to God was partly due to my interest in philosophy, since if philosophy is caring about the truth, and if God truly exists, then if I want to ignore the fact that God exists, I am not able to say I am pursuing philosophy. I am currently a member of City Church Eugene.

One could call me a Christian philosopher, but I won’t do so. Saying “I am a philosopher” sounds like saying “I have deep thoughts that you probably won’t understand but they are super important.” Moreover, the title “Christian philosopher” gets my priorities backwards. Philosophy is a tool—at times a very useful one or I would not be writing this site. But my commitment is to God, not to philosophy. (Although I am the first to say that philosophy deepens my understanding of living for God, and a knowledge of God is the best basis for grounding philosophy!) So, rather than a Christian philosopher, I am a philosophical Christian.

I could say other things about myself, such as that I am married and have two boys, but those facts are more interesting to me than to you. For more information about this site, philosophy, or Christianity, see the following: